Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ah! How weary is this workaday world...

Ok, three weeks since I posted and all I can think of is I have no finished objects to show and I have not followed through on plan A: to complete the projects on the list of UFOs and to do a sleeve for Kerry's sweater. I have, however, purchased some (eek pricey) yarn for a sweater for me, and some more Orsetto to make another white baby sweater - this time with trim in blues. I feel exactly how the Yarn Harlot must feel when she eyes her basket of overflowing projects and cannot remain true to any one of them... the very flimsy excuse of returning to school occurs to me, but it is not worthy of me to plead working full time. I made a committment to follow through, now let's see were I got to... Devan sweater, check. Lucy sweater, check. Pomatomus socks? Oh, look, second sock 3/4 of the way done! Yay!

Crazy scarf, check!! Wow, three out of four, so far. Purple multi-directional scarf? Hey, was that lightening? Did you hear that thunder? No? Hm, I could have sworn... Where were we? Oh yes, sleeve for sister's sweater. I'm sure that was lightening. It was hailing in Surrey, today, did you know?

Ahem. Did you ever see anything so cute as duck booties? How could I resist? I just received Zoƫ Mellor's Fifty Baby Booties to knit and it is full of too cute to resist booties.

And look, the back of the dark purple sweater is complete - only the front and two sleeves to go!

Now to quit messing about on the computer and get back to the needles, and maybe I'll have something to post about!