Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm on a roll!

Finished this baby sweater two days ago and am very pleased with the way it hangs and how the collar sits. I was quite concerned about it right up until I got the buttons on, as the fabric didn't seem to have enough body to lie nicely. I also did several bits over as I really wasn't satisfied with some parts, so it took longer to finish than it otherwise might. I was frustrated while knitting a few times, and didn't think I would ever want to knit this again, but now that it is complete, I really like the finished look, so might be tempted. The pattern shows a bit of contrast trim around the edge of the collar. I didn't like the colour combination (pastel pink, baby blue, both with black trim) so decided to leave off a contrast. However, I might like it better if the contrast was picked up in more than just the one spot, and if the colours were better suited.

I also finished the Guess Who? gloves except for working in the ends - which might take a bit of doing... In any case, my goal is to get the two big sweaters (Stewart's Denim ribbed sweater and Kerry's 50th birthday sweater) that I have in the works completed before beginning anything else. (Can I do it???)