Saturday, May 30, 2009

Colourful Avery

This Avery sweater is a flip on the regular pattern. I had more variegated yarn than solid colour, so I made the sleeves plain green and knitted the front and back in variegated. The only problem was that normally you choose bits of self patterning yarn from different sections of the colourway to knit the intarsia blocks on the front of the sweater - and I was working with plain green and the variegated. I solved the problem by searching through my stash and finding ends of balls of yarn in various bright colours. I think they make great blocks on the sweater front - very colourful.

I took a closeup photo of the intarsia blocks as I have often been disappointed in the way my edge stitches look in intarsia knitting. This time a tried a technique that Holli described to me and I am much happier with the way it looks, although I think it still needs a bit of refining.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The colour purple

The knitting machine came in handy again as I worked with some purple yarn to create two little sweaters. Though there was enough variegated yarn to make a size 2 child's sweater, probably, I had two different shades of purple to coordinate with the Tofutsies variegated. So, I opted to make two smaller sweaters, each with its own purple. The first one, from Holli Yeoh's Devan pattern, was made with Trekking ProNatura. This is the third time, now, that I have made this pattern. It is a beauty to make and the instructions are so clear and well written. This little sweater will go into my stash of baby sweaters for handy gifts.

The second sweater was made for charity. Our knitting guild has decided to support a local hospital and we are knitting baby sweaters and baby things to be donated to the hospital. The hospital will distribute the items to new mums in financial difficulty. For this sweater, I used Holli's pattern Avery. However, that pattern has blocks of the variegated colour knitted in intarsia on the front, and I was pretty sure that I was cutting it fine on the Tofutsies yarn. I wanted something to tie the colours together, and without the colour blocks it seemed difficult. However, I thought that if I did a row of eyelet across the body of the sweater, every few rows, the effect would be lacy and feminine. To accent this, I did a picot hem in the variegated yarn on the body and at the neck. I think the final result is quite nice. The purple yarn for this one is Opal, and the colour is not very well represented in the photo. It is a very dark purple, and I actually thought that it would not be as good a complement to the Tofutsies as the ProNatura. When they were both knitted up, however, I find that I like the dark purple as a contrast to the variegated better, even though the purple of the ProNatura is almost a perfect match.