Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm knitting as fast as I can

While I have done some lace knitting in a variety of projects, this is my first big lace project. The most difficult part of lace knitting is keeping track of where you are in your pattern - at least until you get enough done so that you can read your knitting. Mistakes are more challenging in lace than any other project. A simple yarn over missed is easy enough to correct, but many of the errors require you tink back carefully. My worst mistake so far in this one is that I dropped a stitch. I noticed it immediately and picked it up again - or so I thought - until I had knitted another row and discovered big strands of unattached yarn. Had to rip back about eight rows for that one. This is a shawl/scarf I am knitting for a colleague's wedding. She is being married in a Sikh temple, hence the red colour. I know that lace doesn't really look like anything until the blocking has been done, but I keep suffering pangs of doubt that this one will come out alright when it has been blocked... Some yarn overs seem so much bigger than others. Hard to keep even tension. Anyway, it is growing quite quickly, so I should be able to tell fairly soon if it will work out.

Stewart's ribbed sweater - almost done! The knitting is complete, and like an idiot I tried to sew it together without blocking it first. So now I have to take apart what I have done so far and block it before carrying on. I love the colour and the way it looks so far, though!