Friday, January 25, 2008

Duck feet

Whenever I say Duck Feet in my head, my brain goes to that old commercial for a seafood restaurant (can't remember the name) where the ditty was "Who's got crab legs?" I hear the tune and I see those silly feet in my head. But just look at these little cuties! One more finished object for the files. Stewart and I are so excited because we are going to Chilliwack tomorrow to see new baby boy and gift him with these latest projects - the duck feet booties and the new fuzzy white and blue sweater. Hope he stays small long enough to get some wear out of them!

I almost have my knitting basket up to date now. Just the little purple and green cable sweater to finish and then the only unfinished project I will have will be Kerry's Norah Gaughan sweater. That one I had already decided to put to the side for a while, so I should be clear to start a new project!! Excitement and drum roll, please! Next up is the two tone grey cable front sweater in Vogue knitting (Fall 06?, maybe). Looking forward to it!

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