Friday, August 3, 2007


Last summer, I was madly knitting scarves for the homeless. The instructors and Grand Master's wife of my sons martial arts class were spearheading a project for a local charity. Their goal was, I believe, 500 scarves. I knit several that were simply 2 X 2 rib, fast and easy. While yarn shopping, I saw this beautiful multi-directional scarf at my LYS. It is made from Trekking, and the variegation of the yarn really makes the triangles stand out. I love the colours and the way it shifts from shade to shade. Originally, I intended to keep this scarf, but my coat is navy with purple/green and the scarf just doesn't go with it... So my sister lucked out and acquired it!

I didn't really plan on doing any more scarf knitting, but when I was at the Saxe Point knitout in June, I saw some lovely Noro yarn in purples/greens. (Just shortly after seeing the yarn, niece Jennifer told me she loved anything purple...) Well, I hadn't planned anything specific for the yarn, but one day when I was between projects, I thought I would try out the Noro, and it just sort of came together as a scarf... I love the colours in this yarn, as well, but I do not enjoy knitting with it. I have found that I do not like knitting with yarn that is uneven in texture. This yarn has some extremely chunky spots, and some very fine spots. In any case, the overall effect is quite nice, and Jen may end up with a scarf for fall. (If she is lucky, and if she ever decides to read my blog and comment...)


materfamilias said...

well, if all it takes is reading your blog and commenting . . . Oh, but one also has to be a well-loved niece -- Darn!
looks as if, besides practically being neighbours (well, slight exaggeration), we also began our blogs very recently and also combine talk about knitting and reading (among other things), and have both recently had fun knitting the dream in colour baby cardigan -- knitting the matching cap is a great idea! Hope you're having as much fun blogging as I am.

Valerie said...

Thanks for dropping by the blog! I am quite excited to have a comment or two! I keep looking at the photo on your blog, though, and trying to visualize where it is. If it is near Prevost, at all, I will be sailing past you soon - family reunion on Prevost on the 11th.

Carie Selwyn said...

Your knitting is awesome! Your talent for fabric arts is also awesome AND woefully understated. Oh, and so is your sense of humor awesome and woefully understated. Guess that fits in with the humble part.

Your biggest fan