Friday, August 10, 2007

A treasure or two

©Betty Ruth Emmons

What a joy when your passions bring you into contact with new people who have similar interests! I met Y at Wool and Wicker, my LYS, where she works a couple of days a week. She is always so excited to see new projects and encouraging to knitters. When I joined the West Coast Knitters' Guild, I found she was also a member, and this week she showed us these stunningly beautiful dolls she had crafted. I love the knitted garments they are clothed in - in fact Mitocho Girl is knitting her own outfit as she sits! Ah, yes, Mitocho. Short for Mitochondria. Very small parts of our cell structure - have their own DNA. Meg battled for Charles Wallace's Mitchondria in Madeleine L'Engle's A wind in the door. Isn't that a fabulous reference for this whimsical pair? Y told me the materials these two are made of, but I forget the name of the substance. However, it will harden and they will be as strong as garden statues, able to withstand the weather. Thanks to Y for sharing her art.

Stewart and I are off to the Gulf Islands for a few days. Family reunion and then we will be staying on in the log cabin for a small holiday. No power, so no blogging until we get back...

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