Thursday, August 9, 2007

Works in progress

OK, so technically, I still have five projects (oops, I mean six) here that are incomplete. But I can explain, really, I can. I'm actually only working on two, right now. So why are the others in the Works in Progress category? Well, because they are sort of started or partway done... Here, look. This lovely Devan sweater is by Vancouver designer Holli Yeoh. You should check out her website, Cool sweaters for little kids. This has been my main project since the Quidditch sweater - actually, it was interrupted to knit the quidditch sweater! In any case, I met Holli at the Saxe Point knitout and fell in love with the little sweaters she had on display, and ordered two kits. They are easy in stockinet stitch, except the yarn used is sock yarn, so the gauge is very fine and takes quite a while to knit. The designs are really enhanced with Holli's wonderful use of colour and the self-patterning sock yarns. Devan is pictured here with one front, one sleeve and the back partially done. I am now working on the last piece before assembly, so I'm in the home stretch. Lucy, the second kit I ordered from Holli, is not technically on the needles yet. I have shown it here with the colours of yarn and the pattern on my knitting machine. As I was working on Devan, I thought this would be a perfect match to work on the machine. So I have swatched a bit and played with it a bit on the machine. I am not happy with it yet, but it is still a possiblity to do on the machine. The main concern I have is for trying to do the two colours on the back. My machine has the possibility to work with two colours at once, but they are all in fair isle-type patterns. I think I have an idea for how to do it, and will try it out when Devan is finished.

Ha! I showed you this before, on the scarf post! Yes, it is the other project that is technically "on the go" at the moment. I haven't worked on it a lot since starting Devan, but it is an easy knit to pick up and do a little bit on now and again. And here is another scarf that I tried to start... but am having a few technical difficulties. Cool kit, isn't it? I bought at Saxe Point knitout, as well, from a woman who runs the knitting shop on Quadra Island. Don't know if the shop is called Fun with Knits, or just the website, but anyway, this scarf kit was kind of funky and looked easy. It's just straight garter stitch, after all! What could be hard about that? Well, the problem is that you cast on lengthwise, v-e-r-y l-o-o-s-e-l-y, leaving about 10" at the beginning for the fringe, and supposedly having about 10" at the other end left over - well, even though I cast on as loosely as I could, I still have more than a yard left over at the end. Well, minor challenge. I am going to ask my mother, the queen of loose knitting, to try the cast on for me, then we'll see how it goes. Should be a one evening deal once the cast on is complete.

Here is a cool sock that I made for my niece, Taryn. It's the Pomatomus sock by Cookie A.; you can find the pattern on the site. I love the way the pattern is pointy and curvy at the same time, and the beautiful Fleece Artist sock wool in Pinata colourway really sets off the pattern well. The only thing I didn't like about this pattern is that it is, again, in twisted rib! Arrrrggghhh! This is a project on hiatus right now - I originally put it to the side because I wanted to make sure the first sock fit, and then I thought it would be better to wait to cast on the next sock until one of the other projects is finished. See? I really do like to work one thing at a time!

Last, but not least, a beautiful Norah Gaughan design from the Fall '91 Vogue Knitting, in Philosopher's Wool yarn. I am making this sweater for my sister's fiftieth birthday, started over a year ago. While the photo shows only the back as complete, I have now finished one sleeve, as well, so it is half done! (And we've still got two years before the 50th birthday!) Another project in hiatus for the moment; however, I was very disciplined and didn't start my knitting rampage earlier this year until I had completed the sleeve. I think once the other projects in this post are complete, I will do another sleeve before I tackle anything else... Wish me luck!

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