Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby sweaters are so fast

that I didn't even see this one coming! How could I have three projects started and then cast on this one, I don't know. Anyway, I cast on this lovely little white sweater Monday night, and since the back and fronts are knit together, it is more than halfway done. I has little pink ribbon roses to be attached in the centre of the 'v's, and the finished effect will be very delicate and sweet. Two sleeves and a bonnet to go - should be finished soon as I am on Spring Break.

I haven't neglected the other projects, though. Well, one other project shows progress anyway. Stewart's green ribbed sweater now has a VERY large back. This is an oversized pattern, but I think this sweater will fit him when he is 16! I love the way it feels and hangs. He is liking it, too.

We have just come home from a trip to Victoria to visit Grandma, and I managed to convince her that she was knitting too many socks. She was coerced into knitting the lovely little bumble bee bootees that I had purchased the yarn for. These are for her great grandson, Sweet Baby James. I knitted the edge around the ankle, but that is all I can lay claim to in this project. The colour of the yellow in these bootees is much brighter than shown in the image. It is almost an orange - very vibrant with the black. Mom found it very hard to see the stitches in the black yarn, much as Holli mentioned in a recent post...

So, sleeves await me. White baby sweater sleeves and green ribbed sweater sleeves. I like sleeves. They go faster than backs. :)

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