Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring fever

That has to be it. Otherwise, how can I explain three new projects that just happened? And yarn for a fourth? Yikes. Take a look at my backyard leaves scarf. It is almost halfway done. For each half, you knit eleven repeats and I have nine repeats done. Yahoo. the colour in this photo is off. I took the shot without flash so as to be able to see the stitch definition, and the colour came out much too blue. The actual colour is closer to a dark Kelly green. I don't like how heavy this yarn is. I would definitely choose a lighter weight yarn if I were to knit this again. A yarn like, for example... this stunning Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool that I purchased to make a ribbed sweater for Stewart. I love the feel and the drape of this yarn. It is linen-like and yet soft. Stewart chose the colour himself, so I hope he will like the end product.

Then, I had this Goldielocks yarn from Fleece artist. It is a lace weight, and I thought I would try out some lace patterns and make a shawl with it. I found, however, that the locks on the yarn make it difficult to see the pattern in the knitting, so in the end, have decided to simply knit the garter stitch shawl included in the ball band. It is knitted on 6mm needles, so the overall effect will be lacy and light anyway.

Green for spring. Nice, n'est-ce pas? Ok, Ok, so I also purchased some baby Bamboo from Sirdar to make the lovely little baby cardigan in Vogue Knitting (Spring 2007?). Yes, I have my work cut out for me for the spring.

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