Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Not much to look at right now, but this is a long rectangular piece of green variegated bamboo knitted with a strand of dark forest green mohair. It is softer than the proverbial baby's behind. When complete, this will be one of the shawl-sweaters with long sleeves - the armholes are being held in place by the waste yarn. I am totally in love with the colour and the feel of this sweater. It is so luxurious. Knitted on an LK 150 at SS 4, the gauge is good and big for a light, airy feel.

Sadly, the *(&%#$! tension swatch lied on this one. This is the grey and black cabled sweater from Vogue. The back is complete and I have done some on the front band - which is what tipped me off that the gauge might be off. The cables and width of this piece look considerably smaller than in the photo. I haven't done actually checked the back gauge against the pattern yet, but it looks like I might have to frog the back and start over with larger needles. Harumph. I have put it to the side for the moment and working on completing a few bits and pieces. I'm going to try and get back to this one by the weekend. Keep fingers crossed that I might be able to work with the back as it stands...

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Tara said...

I feel your pain about finishing the sweater and finding it too small. I finished a sweater for my son, sewed it all up and then discovered that it really was too small for him. Had to start all over again. One of these days I will get a sweater done to the right size.