Monday, September 1, 2008

New school year, new sweater

The knitting on this little multi-coloured sweater is all done, the sewing up complete, the ends worked in... and it is too small for the recipient!!!! So I have had to take out the cuffs and am going to add a few inches to the sleeve length. This won't take too long, but it is frustrating to have a project complete and then to have to take it apart again. This project has already seen repeated revisions, and one more change is almost more than I bear. I am not best satisfied with this sweater in any case. The variegated yarn is too orange for the purple and pink. However, the recipient loves it, so that is the main thing. She is going to help me pick out some buttons, then it will be her back to school sweater.
Here is the sweater I have started for myself. I have had the yarn for ages, and it has been on my Ravelry projects page since January, but I had to wait for the Ravelympics, and complete several hanging-on WIPs, before I felt caught up enough that I could cast on this one. The gauge is fairly big, so it should knit up fairly quickly, but the sewing up on it is supposed to be fairly challenging. We'll see!

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